Islington Town Hall Wedding

getting married at islington town hall

With its marbled corridors, light filled octagonal council chamber, and neoclassical architecture, Islington Town Hall is such a great option for your registry office wedding.

There are 8 rooms you can choose from with capacities that vary from 4 guests to 85 guests, so you’ll find a room that works for you.

And afterwards, you’ve got Angel, Islington and all of London to pick from to celebrate your “I do’s”!

islington town hall wedding

Situated on Upper Street, in the very very pretty London suburb of Islington, is Islington Town Hall where you can get married in some of the coolest and most iconic rooms in London. You’ve got options for all wedding sizes, and you can pick a few different styles for your room. 

There are some more modern options, like Room 99, or something a bit more grand like the red-carpeted council chamber. But whichever room you pick, you get a wonderful registrar to conduct your ceremony (some of my favourite registrars work at Islington), and every room comes with access to the marbled, stained glass corridors and entrance hall perfect for your photos. 

And another bonus? You can use whatever confetti you want for your big celebratory exit down the steps into the front courtyard.

where to get ready at islington town hall

If you’re planning a wedding ceremony at Islington Town Hall and you’re looking for somewhere other than home to get ready – you could pick a local airbnb or hotel to start out your day. 

Because Islington is so well connected to the rest of London (you’ve got Angel or Highbury & Islington stations a short walk away), you could also pick something else, anywhere else in London, as long as you factor in your travel time to get to your ceremony.

The Rookery

The Hoxton, Holborn

The Zetter, Clerkenwell

St Pancras Renaissance (just a short tube or cab ride away)

islington town hall wedding ceremony

As with all registry office weddings, you’ll need to arrive on site around 20 to 30 minutes earlier for your interviews, which you can have conducted together or separately (if you don’t want to see your partner ahead of your wedding ceremony). 

The staff at the town hall will direct you and your guests to a holding room, while interviews are conducted and the room is prepared. They’ll also check in with you to find out what you’re wanting during your ceremony; ie;

    • Are you having any readings, and who’s doing those
    • Would you like music on your entrance or exit
    • Would you like to have your own custom vows or the standard ones read
    • Who’s walking you down the aisle, or are you walking solo or together with your partner

When everything’s ready to go, your guests will be directed into your ceremony room ahead of you. You’ll enter and everything will get started! You can expect your ceremony to last around 15 to 30 minutes depending on how many readings or personal touches you’ve added in.

Once your ceremony is done, the registrars will often leave you in the room you’ve had your ceremony in. This is a great time to be congratulated by your family, and take some family photos if you’d like.

Afterwards, your guests can head out onto the steps facing Upper Street, and wait for you to come out. While they’re waiting, we can use the inside of the town hall for some photos. The marbled hallway is really beautiful and filled with amazing light and reflections. The marbled staircase with the stained glass windows is absolutely gorgeous, and these few minutes photographing really give you a little newly married moment just for you!


You have 7 rooms to choose from at Old Marylebone Town Hall. They’re all on the first floor of the building along a long corridor. You might pick your room depending on how many guests you have, or whether you’d prefer a darker or lighter room. Three of the rooms are fully wood panelled while the others are painted in a lighter colour. But all rooms come with the use of the corridors (on entrance and exit) and will allow you to take photos on the steps and come out to a burst of confetti! 

I’ve photographed in all of the rooms, so depending on what you’ve chosen I can show you what it looks like!


Like something straight out of a movie – the Council Chamber is the largest room you could get married in. Although just because it can hold a large number of people, it doesn’t mean you have to have that many people to use it. I’ve photographed many weddings here with just a few guests, and it still works. I think it’s because with the seating surrounding you, your guests are actually never that far from you.

It’s got amazing natural light streaming down from the vaulted ceiling and all the wooden seating along with the red carpet really add to the impact. It’s actually one of the best lit town hall rooms I’ve ever shot in. 

Capacity: 85 on weekends, 50 during the week
Pets allowed: yes! One pet is allowed!
Cost: Depending on whether you’re getting married in season, or during the week versus the weekend; you’re looking at anywhere from £430 to £800.

The Council Chamber


Apparently the most popular room in the town hall, and I can understand why. Room 99 has a really light and modern feel, and allows up to 20 guests, which is great if you’re having a smaller, micro wedding.

However, it’s worth mentioning that if you’re getting married here in 2024 during the week , you can’t have a personalised ceremony (ie: your own music, readings, your own vows or walking down the aisle), but by 2025, everything should be back to normal. 

Room 99 is fully set up for your ceremony to be streamed if you choose to add that service on. 

Capacity: 20 guests
Pets Allowed: Yes! You can bring one pet with. 
Cost: Anywhere between £165 and £480

Room 99


You can have just 4 guests in the Mayor’s Parlour which makes it perfect for intimate weddings where you might just have your witnesses or your parents in attendance. (The number includes all guests, but not you as a couple, the registrars or one photographer)

Capacity: 4 guests
Pets allowed: unfortunately no pets allowed here
Cost: £430 – £700 dependent on day of the week and time of the year


This room feels very Victorian with its wooden panelling, but the ceiling is giving me art deco vibes! The Richmond Suite is a rectangular room with a really long aisle which is great if you’re looking to make an entrance with a long walk up the aisle. 

You’ve also got windows along the one side, which gives you enough light to offset the darkness of the wood. 

Keep in mind that you can only get married here on Saturdays, but not the second Saturday of the month. After all it’s a working town hall and some of the rooms need to be used for those activities.

Capacity: 60 guests
Pets allowed: unfortunately not in this room
Cost: Anywhere from £430 – £600 depending on what time of year and day you choose.


The two smallest rooms in Islington Town Hall, these are both very modern rooms. You’ve got light walls, teal and a smidge of powder pink in both rooms. They’re instagram perfect. But you can only have two adult witnesses here. 

So if you’re having a very minimalist wedding or elopement with just your witnesses, the Angel Suite is a great option. And if you’re hoping to have a photographer photograph your wedding in the Canonbury Suite, they’ll actually need to be one of your witnesses too. 

Capacity: 2 guests
Pets allowed: one pet allowed
Cost: £150 – £300 dependent


Because you have so many different wedding venues to choose from that vary greatly in size, availability and number of guests allowed – your wedding can cost from as little as £150 if you have a micro wedding during the weekday in winter with just 2 witnesses, and as much as £800 if you get married in the Council Chamber on a weekend in season.

Have a look above at specific prices, or on their website.

reception wedding venues in islington

As with all London town halls, you can really pick from any London venues for your post wedding reception and wedding breakfast. 

If you’re looking for something small and intimate, it’s worth looking at the restaurants and pubs in Angel, especially if they have private rooms. For example, the Pig & Butcher is just a short walk away and has a great private room upstairs for an intimate dinner.

The Canonbury Tavern 

  • An urban-chic pub garden found in Islington and conveniently situated a short walking distance from Islington Town Hall

  • Magnificent gardens where you can enjoy an alfresco wedding reception or take advantage of the gorgeous patio

  • Their Private Blue Room accommodates up to 40 people seated and 70 standing

The Depot 

  • Just a 10 minute drive from Islington Town Hall is the Depot, a modern venue with lots of character, located in a Victorian industrial warehouse

  • It can accommodate up to 280 people and has plenty of catering options to choose from

Little Bat Bar

  • Alice in wonderland inspired decor 

  • Perfect for smaller weddings, for a cosy, intimate and relaxed reception

Le Cafe du Marche

  • A gorgeous venue in a French restaurant, in the Smithfield area of London, between Farringdon and the Barbican stations.

  • Multiple spaces, to suit various numbers of guests. Choose from their private dining room for smaller celebrations, or combine with the ground floor for a capacity of up to 150 people.

Museum of the Order of Saint John

  • A beautiful venue in Clerkenwell with historic rooms, all perfect for a wedding reception in the heart of the city that still feels secluded

  • Depending on the room chosen, this venue can accommodate up to 250 guests

islington town hall wedding photography

The great thing about getting married at Islington Town Hall is that the town hall itself is gorgeous for some couple photos, but you can also spend some time in Canonbury Square Gardens having some couples photos. Depending on where your reception is, wandering around the streets in Angel can give you some more city backdrops, and you could even pop along the canals and take some photos there too. 

If you’ve got time, and you’re open to it, hopping on the tube or in cab could mean exploring some other spots in London for your photos, like the Barbican, St Pauls, or any one of London’s parks. 


Islington Town Hall is a great option for your registry office wedding. It can accommodate a small micro wedding or large celebration. You can use your own confetti on the steps, you’re close to venues in Islington, Angel and Clerkenwell. And it’s pet friendly which is a great bonus!

Islington Town Hall Wedding Inspiration


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