75 of the Best London Wedding Venues (for 2024)

The Best London Wedding Venues (for 2020)

London’s most popular wedding venues


London is full of incredible wedding venues and locations to choose from! Here’s a list that should make your wedding planning a bit easier.

Browse the categories that interest you from small and intimate wedding venues to extravagant venues with gorgeous views. There’s something for every occasion and if you have any questions in particular, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Unusual London Wedding Venues

Click here for more information about these 9 Unusual & Unique London Wedding Venues


Central London Wedding Venues


London Wedding Restaurant Venues
Pub & restaurant weddings are just so wonderfully relaxed – find more information about our suggestions here!

Intimate London Wedding Venues

Planning a small and intimate wedding? We’ve done all the research for you – find your perfect venue by reading our guide.


South London Wedding Venues

Thinking about getting married South of the River? These are the venues you just have to visit! Grab our list here!

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Small London Wedding Venues

Just because you’re having a small wedding doesn’t mean it can’t be somewhere special – find our recommendations here!


London Garden Wedding Venues

Perfect for a summer & spring wedding! We recommend these venues.


Dry-Hire London Wedding Venues

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London Wedding Ceremony Venues 

Thinking about having a venue for the reception and one for the ceremony? These would be our ceremony venue picks!


London Wedding Venues With a View

Thinking about treating your guests to a view at your wedding – these venues are the perfect spots to consider!

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