Chelsea Old Town Hall Wedding Photography

Chelsea Old Town Hall Wedding Photography

Laura & Christian planned a last minute Chelsea Old Town Hall wedding during the pandemic. They were just about to leave London, and they wanted a day that truly celebrated the city & the time they spent there. Chelsea Town Hall are always so accommodating, kind & efficient when it comes to weddings, and the building is so beautiful that you don’t even mind waiting a little bit.

Right down the down are some beautiful (and secret) spots to take photographs, including a park. But the best thing about this registry office, is that the minute you step outside and you’re showered in confetti, you’re smack-dab in the heart of London.

There are busses whizzing past, people on their way to work, and you’re just surrounded by the hustle and bustle of London.

Chelsea Old Town Hall

There are a couple of different rooms to rent at the town hall for your wedding. Laura & Christian’s wedding took place in the Rossetti Room, which is perfect for micro weddings. And the best bit? As long as it’s biodegradable – you can bring your own confetti! Otherwise, you can buy it on the day.

Chelsea Elopement

The great thing about eloping in Chelsea, is that you’re in the heart of London, and there’s so much to do before & after! There are a couple of hotels nearby & restaurants that I’d recommend. And if none of those take your fancy – the rest of London is just an uber or tube ride away!

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