Chelsea Old Town Hall Wedding Photography


Chelsea Town Hall is an iconically London registry office to say “I do” at. I mean, if it’s good enough for Judy Garland, Pierce Brosnan and Hugh Grant – it’s gotta be pretty damn good.

The Rosetti Room and the Brydon Room are perfect for weddings on the smaller size, and after your ceremony, you and your guests can head off to any location in central London to celebrate. 

chelsea town hall wedding

When you’re looking for a London registry office, you might decide that Chelsea Town Hall is the perfect spot for you. It’s right on the Kings Road, in a Grade II listed Victorian Building, and offers two great rooms for you to pick from. 

While you can’t get ready at the town hall or host your reception there, like you could at other licensed venues in Kensington and Chelsea, you’re free to pick a hotel or airbnb close by to get ready in, and any London restaurant or pub to host your ceremony afterwards. 

And if you’re just looking to have a ceremony and not a reception – Chelsea Town Hall is one of the prettier town halls in London and would be an excellent choice.


You could pick a nearby hotel or Airbnb to get ready in, or if you live in London you could get ready at home, and then take an Uber to Chelsea town hall ready for your ceremony. If you’d like, you could even take public transport and arrive by iconic London bus or even hop on the tube and get off at Kensington High Street and walk down.


Number 16

11 Cadogan Gardens 

The Kensington Hotel

The Franklin, London

The Pelham, London 


You will need to give notice at your local registry office. But you can get married at Chelsea Town Hall even if you don’t live in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, as long as you book with Chelsea town hall. You will be able to give notice at your local registry office and then turn up on the day of your wedding and get married in Chelsea.

Once you’ve given notice, you’ll be given a slot for your ceremony and be asked to arrive 20 to 30 minutes before your ceremony time in order for you and your partner to be interviewed. You can be interviewed individually or together but you will need to be interviewed by the registrars before your ceremony. This is to make sure that they have all the information they need ahead of your ceremony and also to find out from you if you’ll be doing any reading or having anyone else speak during your ceremony. It’s worth keeping in mind that you are unable to have any religious readings or hymns during your civil ceremony.

Your ceremony should take about 15 to 20 minutes depending on how many readings you have after which the staff will direct your guests onto the stairs for you to have your confetti moment on the Kings Road. You can bring your own confetti from home (paper confetti always looks most effective in photos), or you can buy confetti on site at Chelsea Town Hall. 



You have three rooms to choose from at the town hall, the Rossetti room, the Brydon room and the Harrington room.

the rossetti room

Chelsea Old Town Hall’s most popular room, the Rossetti Room works so well for smaller more intimate weddings. You can have up to 12 guests seated on either side of the room. It’s pretty tastefully decorated and the room really frames you and your partner well, and everyone attending gets a great view of you saying your vows.

The Rossetti Room is available every day of the week for wedding ceremonies.

The Rossetti Room

the brydon room

The Brydon Room is the most likely option for you if you’re hoping to have more than 12 guests at your ceremony, as it can host up to 38 guests. 

It’s a great room, with a lot of wooden features, and it’s got a longer aisle than the others, so you can make a great entrance walking down the aisle. It’s also where a lot of celebrities have gotten married at Chelsea Town Hall. 

You’ll stand up at the top of the room, and there’s a window behind you, and a mirror to your right, but again – because it’s a smaller room, all your guests will be able to see you say your vows.

The Brydon Room can be hired any day of the week for your wedding ceremony (have a look below for pricing).

The Brydon Room

the harrington room

The smallest of all the rooms, the Harrington Room is great if you’re just having yourselves and some witnesses at your wedding ceremony, or maybe just your parents are in attendance. It’s a much smaller room than all the others, and is only available on weekday mornings.

But if you’ve got a smaller wedding guest list it’s definitely a more affordable option at only £265 to £300 depending on what day and what time of year you’re getting married.

how much does it cost to get married at chelsea town hall

how much does the rossetti room cost?

The Rossetti Room costs differ depending on what time of the year and day of the week you get married. 

During the winter season (November to March) you’re looking at;

Mondays to Thursdays: £425
Friday: £450
Saturday: £490
Sunday: £700

In the summer season (April to October), it will cost you;

Mondays to Thursdays: £440
Friday: £460
Saturday: £510
Sunday: £720

Keep in mind that it’s cheaper to get married in the mornings by about £20-30. You can also get married in the evenings too, although it’s a little bit more expensive, but not by much. About £20-40 more. 

how much does the brydon room cost?

Similar to the Rossetti Room, the Brydon Room pricing depends on what time of year, and what day of the week you get married. I’ve pulled out the prices below as a guide;

During winter (November to March), it will cost;

Mondays to Thursdays: £570
Friday: £590
Saturday: £755
Sunday: £855

During summer (April to October), you’ll need to pay;

Mondays to Thursdays: £590
Friday: £610
Saturday: £775
Sunday: £875

Just like the Rossetti Room, mornings are a bit cheaper with a saving of about £20-30.

chelsea wedding venues

If you’re doing your legal ceremony at Chelsea Town Hall, but are hoping to host your reception somewhere afterwards, you’ve really got your pick of venues and locations. 

A lot of Chelsea Town Hall weddings tend to be smaller micro weddings, which makes sense since the biggest room, the Brydon room is capped at 38 guests. 

So you could pick either a hotel, a wedding venue or a restaurant to host your wedding reception. A lot of London restaurants or pubs will have private dining rooms that you can rent, either at a rental fee or just for a minimum spend. 


Within walking distance you’ve got;

The Ivy, Chelsea

You can’t go wrong with a quick walk over to the Ivy for either drinks or a full meal after your ceremony. You could hire out the Glasshouse for a private dining experience.

Stanley’s Chelsea

This is a great option for drinks after your ceremony too, and it’s just across the road!

The Phene

A gastro pub nearer the river, the Phene (pronounced ‘finny’) has a fantastic luxury menu, and a private room.


Closer to the Sloane Square, is Daphne’s – an upmarket Italian restaurant with a private enclosed room at the back. Daphne’s is always so well decorated, you’d have to do nothing to it to host your reception there.

Of course, you’ve also got the rest of London just a cab ride away, or indeed a bus ride if you wanted to treat your guests to an iconically London vintage bus ride to your second location.

chelsea town hall wedding photography

Chelsea Town Hall is one of the lovelier registry offices in London, although it doesn’t have as many beautiful spots inside to photograph (Marylebone Town Hall, Islington Town Hall and Hackney Town Hall have more options inside if you’re looking for that).

But there is a staircase that gets pretty cool light, especially if it’s strong sunlight (have a look below for what I mean)…

However, Chelsea makes up for it with such a great spot on the stairs for your confetti moment! It’s right on the busy King’s Road which is so very London with the red busses passing often. And if you’re planning a winter wedding, the Kings Road is often full of Christmas lights and decorations. And if you’re getting married in May, the whole of Chelsea will be decorated for the Chelsea Flower Show too!

After your confetti moment on the stairs, you could either do your family photos on the stairs outside, or we could all walk along to my favourite green spaces nearby for your family photos. My suggestion is always to send your guests ahead to the reception or drinks venue, while the two of you take some time for yourselves to have some pictures. 

With the green spaces, the Albert Bridge, and the gorgeous residential streets close by, we can get a variety of photographs with different backdrops on your way to your reception.


Fill out the form and I’ll send you my detailed pricing guide. 
I can’t wait to hear from you! Seriously – I still do a happy dance whenever couples get in touch!