Probably one of the most popular London town hall venues to get married at, the staff at the Old Marylebone Town Hall work so hard hosting weddings back to back, but making every single couple feel incredibly special.

Aside from the amazing staff, there are so many gorgeous rooms to choose from, and I never ever get sick of photographing around those beautiful columns!

Read on to learn more about getting married at the Old Marylebone Town Hall.


If you’re considering getting married at a registry office in London, odds are you’ve thought about getting married at the Old Marylebone Town Hall – after all; if two Beatles think it’s good enough (Paul McCartney, twice!), it’s a venue worth considering. 

Situated on Marylebone Road in London, the building is truly impressive and makes for the most wonderful backdrop for your wedding day with the tower, columns and impactful staircase.

All your ceremony rooms are situated on the first floor, so you’re guaranteed a walk up the gorgeous marble stairs to and from your wedding. You’ve got 7 rooms to choose from for your wedding depending on how many guests you’re having. 

And if you want – your dog or cat can attend your wedding ceremony. What a bonus!

I’ll go through all the options below but it’s worth looking through Marylebone’s own website – A Day To Remember for more information. Their virtual room tours are particularly helpful!


If you’re having your ceremony at the town hall, you can pretty much get ready anywhere in London. Most of my London based couples get ready either at home, an airbnb or a hotel. It just depends on your preference and budget. 

Some great hotels to consider; 

The Savoy

You could have drinks and nibbles at one of their restaurants before hopping in a cab and heading to your wedding ceremony.

The Landmark

This is right across the street and perfect if you want to stay close by with a touch of luxury!

The Langham
The epitome of fancy pants! As they say, “a London icon since 1865”!
Treat yourself to a room with a view of the city for the morning of your wedding ceremony!

The Rosewood 

The Rosewood is an absolutely gorgeous treat of a hotel, and it’s dog friendly if you’re looking for a place that would host you, your guests and pups! You can also rent a private dining room for a 5 star experience.


And if you’ve picked a hotel, you can get ready there in the morning, and head back after your ceremony either for drinks, dinner or just a romantic getaway!


When you have your wedding at a registry office, you and your partner have to arrive early to have interviews (nothing scary or ominous, they just need to make sure that you are who you say you are and to find out any requests for your ceremony). 

If you’d like to save seeing each other until you walk down the aisle – you can opt to do your interviews separately. But if you’ve already seen each other or don’t mind, you can have your interview together. Either way, you’ll need to be there earlier than your ceremony time. 

While you’re having your interviews, your guests will either be waiting outside on the stairs, or in your ceremony room. You’ll likely have your interview in one of the smaller ceremony rooms. 

The great thing about the staff at the town hall is that they’re really good at making sure no ceremonies bump into each other which makes you feel like the town hall is all yours. However it does mean that you need to be really good at your timings so that you get your chance for photos on the marble stairs as you walk down, and your confetti moment outside!

Depending on how much you personalise your ceremony, you can expect a ceremony anywhere from 20 – 30 minutes long. 



If you don’t personalise your wedding ceremony, you’ll have the regular vows (which are surprisingly lovely), and no readings. But if you’d like to personalise your wedding ceremony, here are some ideas;

pick your own music

There are three great ‘pockets’ during your wedding ceremony for music. When you enter the room, during the signing of the register, and when you exit. Almost all registry offices have sound systems that you can connect to via bluetooth and play your own music. Or you could have someone sing you down the aisle, or an acoustic guitar or a string quartet.

HAVE some readings

Picking one or two people to do readings is a really sweet way of personalising your wedding ceremony. These can be traditional readings, more modern readings, poems or even song lyrics. Just remember that they can’t be religious or have any religious connotations. (Having a younger guest do a reading is ALWAYS a crowd pleaser!)

personalise your vows

Writing your own wedding vows, or saying something personal is such a special way to make your wedding ceremony feel unique to you. You’ll have to say the legal vows anyways (normally straight afterwards), so take the chance to say what you really want ahead of the legal bit. Again, nothing religious is allowed here.


If you’re thinking of having a first look, the little road behind the town hall is perfect for it! Having a first look is a great idea if you’re nervous about walking down the aisle, or want to spend some time together ahead of your wedding ceremony. 

You could also easily do your first look at your getting ready venue or anywhere else in London ahead of your town hall wedding.

If you’re wanting to coordinate a first look, we can have a chat, and I’ll help you plan it ahead of time so that you really get a pocket of time with just the two of you.


You have 7 rooms to choose from at Old Marylebone Town Hall. They’re all on the first floor of the building along a long corridor. You might pick your room depending on how many guests you have, or whether you’d prefer a darker or lighter room. Three of the rooms are fully wood panelled while the others are painted in a lighter colour. But all rooms come with the use of the corridors (on entrance and exit) and will allow you to take photos on the steps and come out to a burst of confetti! 

I’ve photographed in all of the rooms, so depending on what you’ve chosen I can show you what it looks like!


This is the largest of all the rooms at the town hall and it’s great if you’re having a big wedding, and heading off to a larger reception straight after. The Westminster Room can fit up to 100 seated guests, so you wouldn’t have to reduce your ceremony guest list if you picked this option. 

It’s quite a long rectangular room which means that it’s got quite a short aisle, which is just something to keep in mind if you wanted to create an entrance. Perhaps taking it slow or waiting at the open doorway for a few seconds before walking down.

You and your guests face the light coming from the windows which is lovely, although keep in mind that in winter or drearier days the room can be quite dark because of the dark panelled walls. 


Capacity: You plus 100 guests.

Cost: Anywhere from £740 – £1200 depending on time of year and day of the week. 


The Westminster Room

Situated at the very end of the corridor, the Knightsbridge Room has a super luxe feel. Maybe something about the circular lights and the plush velvet chairs? Either way it’s a great option for your mid-sized wedding ceremony. 

You’ll enter in from the door on the right hand side and make your way to the front of the fireplace. So if you’re wanting to ‘walk down an aisle’, this might not be the best option for you. You’ll sign your marriage certificate on the wooden desk to the left, which means you’ll have some dramatic side lighting if you’re lucky!

Capacity: You plus 30 guests.

Cost: Anywhere from £640 and £1140 depending on time of year and day of the week.

The Knightsbridge Room


On the opposite end of the corridor to the Knightsbridge room is the Mayfair room. Probably my second favourite room after the Westminster Room. It’s essentially a mirror image of the Knightsbridge room with just lighter wall colours. Again, you’re entering the room from the left hand side door, so you’re not going to have a “walk down the aisle”, and you’ll be standing in front of the fireplace for your wedding ceremony. 

Like the Knightsbridge Room, you’ll have some window light falling on you from the front and sides, which is really helpful in winter weddings!

Capacity: You plus 30 guests.

Cost: Anywhere from £640 and £1140 depending on time of year and day of the week.

The Mayfair Room


The Pimlico Room and the Soho room are mirror images of each other, and give a lighter, more modern feeling for your wedding. The Pimlico room can host 7 more guests than the Soho room though. The fireplaces are more ornate and create a great backdrop for your wedding ceremony. You’ll enter a door diagonally across from the fireplace, so you do get a slightly longer ‘aisle’ to walk down. But rather than your guests facing you straight on, the chairs are set up facing you, and to the side of you. This means that everyone at your intimate wedding can see you and feel like a part of your ceremony.


Capacity: You plus 20 guests.

Cost: Anywhere from £640 and £1140 depending on time of year and day of the week.

The Pimlico Room


The smaller sister room to the Pimlico Room, the Soho Room has got a very similar look and feel. Think lighter and brighter than the wood panelled rooms at the town hall. Again, you’re saying your vows in front of the ornate fireplace. If you’re having a smaller wedding, I love the Soho Room as an option because some of your guests can sit on the velvet couch in the room, which instantly makes your wedding ceremony slightly more relaxed!

Capacity: You plus 13 guests.

Cost: Anywhere from £640 and £1140 depending on time of year and day of the week.

The Soho Room


If you’re having a small wedding, and prefer the wood panelled look, you might want to pick the Marylebone Room over the Soho Room for your wedding ceremony. It’s much smaller, intimate and quite dramatic. 

It’s the mirror image of the Paddington Room without the couches. You might also find yourself having your interview here, or waiting for your wedding ceremony to start. 

Capacity: You plus 12 guests.

Cost: Anywhere from £740 – £1200 depending on time of year and day of the week. 

The Marylebone Room


Next door to the Westminster room is the Paddington Room, a very relaxed and ornate room. It’s perfect for very small weddings (think just you and your witnesses), and feels quiet and calm. 

Just keep in mind, that in winter or on a darker London day, the room can be dark and moody. Which can look so great, but only if that’s what you’re after. 

You’ve got some regular velvet chairs and some softer lower, couch like chairs for your guests to sit on. You also have a wonderful window to one side with the hustle and bustle of London down below.


Capacity: You plus 8 guests.

Cost: Anywhere from £740 – £1200 depending on time of year and day of the week. 

The Paddington Room


All hire fees include the room, two registrars (one does the officiating while the other does the formality of the certificate), and a copy of your marriage certificate.


Because the Marylebone, Paddington and Westminster rooms are all next door to each other, the town hall only hires out one of those rooms per ceremony slot. This means they’re all charged at the same price. Often you’ll actually have your interview in one of the rooms next door while your guests are getting ready. 

Depending on what time of year, and day of the week you’re getting married, you can expect to pay between £740 to £1200 for use of the Marylebone, Paddington or Westminster room for your wedding.

You can find more information on pricing here.


You’re looking at paying the same price for the Knightsbridge, Mayfair, Soho and Pimlico rooms, so feel free to pick the one you best like the look of for your wedding ceremony.

Like most registry offices, the cost depends on the time of year and day of the week you hire the room for. It’ll cost between £640 and £1140 for any of these rooms.

You can find more information on pricing here.


If you’ve hosted your wedding ceremony at the Old Marylebone Town Hall, you might be wondering where you could host your wedding reception or wedding breakfast. Honestly, the whole of London is your oyster! 

You can arrange an old vintage Routemaster bus (or a regular old coach), you can easily ship off your guests to your second location, anywhere in London. Just keep in mind that you’ll want them entertained on the bus (a good playlist and prosecco tends to do the trick), and that if you want to join them on the bus, you’ll need to be quick with your photos at the town hall.

For micro weddings, you can call some cabs or Ubers to pick up your guests and send them ahead of you and your partner while you take photos on the iconic steps and the romantic little side streets in Marylebone.

Or, you could always pick a venue or pub in Marylebone or Mayfair and have your guests walk to your venue. 

Some options to consider; 

The Rosewood

Not only is it pet friendly, but the Rosewood is gorgeous (there’s a golden hallway of dreams!) and has luxury venues for guest lists anywhere from 50 to 500!

Somerset House

Perfect for micro wedding receptions, Spring at Somerset House gives you an intimate but luxury wedding reception in their private dining area.

The Grazing Goat

Just a short walk away near Marble Arch is The Grazing Goat pub where you can hire out the top room for your wedding reception.

Mortimer House

At the very top of this members’ club is a light and open event space that makes for a great reception venue. It also had some of the most delicious food I’ve ever had at a wedding!


There’s a reason most London wedding photographers never tire of taking photographs at the town hall. I think it’s those gorgeous columns to be honest!

If you’re getting married at the town hall, you’ve got quite a few good options for your wedding photos. Obviously just after the ceremony, it’s great to use the inside of the town hall, the marbled staircase and hallway for some “oh my gosh we just got married” pictures.

Just after your confetti moment, I really recommend that we take a couple minutes to swan about in between the popular columns. Depending on how busy the town hall is, we may have to dodge another couple, but just lean into the post wedded glow and you’ll forget they’re there. 

If you’re hoping to do family photos at the town hall, you have a few options. If it’s not too busy, you could try do them on the steps, or just to the right of the stairs. But otherwise, I really love using the streets behind the town hall. They’re really quiet and provide a lovely backdrop for your group photos, and individual photos too. 

And we can also ALWAYS guarantee a London bus moment on the busy Marylebone Street. And after all these years photographing in London, I still can’t resist the pull of a great bus photo!


There’s a reason Marylebone is such a popular spot to get married.

You can’t really go wrong with any of the rooms for your wedding ceremony, the staff are always incredible, the venue itself is an amazing backdrop and the stairs are some of the best in London for that incredible confetti moment!

Old Marylebone Town Hall Wedding Inspiration


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