Intimate Wedding Ceremony at Orleans House Gallery

Orleans House Gallery Wedding


Orleans House Gallery was the perfect wedding ceremony venue for Clare & Russell. It’s an amazing octagon shaped room which looks straight out of a movie set. With its high ceilings and ornate decor, it makes any ceremony feel delightfully fancy.

Clare & Russell chose to just have the ceremony here. But they really made the most of the venue. The main hall was filled with chairs for the guests and they didn’t rush their ceremony so that everyone could enjoy the space. Family members did some readings and they even hired a string quartet to perform for their guests afterwards!

They used the gorgeous stairs to exit their ceremony for some windy confetti and hugs. And followed that up with some champagne and cut the cake, so that everyone could have a snack!


Orleans House Wedding Photography


The best thing about Orleans House Gallery was that we could use that incredibly gorgeous room to take some family photos in. We also spent some time taking some couples portraits because we just couldn’t resist how good it looked!

They really wanted to celebrate South West London for their wedding – which I think they did. They got ready at the Richmond Hill Hotel, and Clare hopped in a vintage car to head to Orleans House Gallery with her father.

Clare & Russell decided to have a small wedding, and really wanted to host their ceremony with their special guests somewhere beautiful. And they couldn’t have chosen a better spot than Orleans House Gallery. With its high windows, golden details, it’s a magical spot to say ‘I do’.

All the rich, bright colours of the flowers, Clare’s elegant dress and some very cute children made for a wonderful ceremony.

After their ceremony, they headed over to Kew Gardens for their wedding reception at Cambridge Cottage, which you can see here.

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