Southwark Registry Office Wedding

getting married at southwark register office

Southwark Register Office is a small registry office in between Camberwell and Peckham. It’s quite an small unassuming building set back from Peckham Road. There’s a sweet tree lined entrance in the front, and out the back of the garden room, you guessed it – a lovely little garden.

You’ve got two options for rooms at Southwark Register Office, although if you’re having more than two guests (aka your witnesses), you really only have one option.

Southwark register office

At the front of the building is a small room with an ornate fireplace and red curtains. You can get married in this room on Mondays provided it’s only you, your partner and your two witnesses. If you’d like a photographer present, they need to be one of your witnesses (something I’ve done before!).

It costs £57 to get married at the Southwark Register Office on a Monday, and your fee includes; your ceremony and one marriage certificate.

the garden room

If you’d like to have more than just your witnesses present, you could get married at the Garden Room in Southwark on Wednesdays to Saturdays. 

Your guest list can be bigger at 37 people, and they’ll actually all gather in the Southwark Register Office room ahead of moving to the Garden Room for the main part of the ceremony.

In the Garden Room, you’ll stand facing the garden with your back to your guests who are behind you and to the side of you. 

After your ceremony, you’re able to go into the back garden for confetti, celebrations and family photos.

If you’re getting married Thursday to Saturday, it will cost you £376 and you’re allowed to personalise your ceremony with personal vows, one reading and music. If you’re getting married on a Wednesday, you can’t personalise your ceremony, but it’ll only cost you £186.

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