What's in a wedding photography package anyways?

So what are you actually paying for? You’re seeing a few different options, they include hours, images & galleries but what does that even mean? Let’s break it down.

Different photographers will offer different packages that could include anything from prints, to extra hours, additional photographers, albums and even champagne glasses! I keep my packages pretty simple and focus on what clients absolutely need so that my couples don’t get overwhelmed with all the extras.

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How long should you hire your photographer for? This depends on three things; how ‘eventful’ your wedding is, how much of it you want captured professionally, and how much budget you have. You can get a good idea of what a photographer is doing on the day in my post here. If you’re having a short courthouse wedding, or don’t feel comfortable with a photographer shooting while you’re getting ready - go for a shorter package! If you’re wanting everything captured and your wedding consists of a separate ceremony & reception - you’re going to want at least 10 hours of coverage. If you’ve got the budget and don’t want to worry about timings, rushing things, and a photographer leaving before the dance floor gets going, then I’d recommend going for an unlimited package.


My packages include travel within the M25 in London and I deal with each wedding location outside of that differently. I’ve flown to Chicago, Australia, Costa Rica and Angola for weddings and each time I had discussions with the couples to make sure that my travel was considered when we came up with custom quotes. And it’s the same with accommodation. If you’re starting early or ending really late, we might have to consider what is best to make sure that I’m well rested and ready to snap away. One thing that is helpful to know is that travel time to and from the wedding does not take up your package hours. But, if we’re travelling between venues throughout the day that would count towards your hours.

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After all that shooting - what do you actually get? Most photographers are moving away from sending USBs to clients and sticking to delivering images through online galleries that you can also share with family & friends. With me, you’ll get an online gallery that has all your images in high resolution (for print) and low resolution (for web & social media) which you can then download and keep safe!

I can pretty much guarantee that you’ll receive around 50 images per hour of shooting, but I never limit myself to what I deliver - so you’ll most likely get more lovely photographs! When you get your images, I’ve been through every single one of them (sometimes thousands) and selected all the ones that are well lit, well composed, where faces aren’t doing funny things and eyes are open. I then professionally edit every single one of those making sure that the colour, the composition and the edit is the best! When I hand those files over to you, they’re un-watermarked, you have the rights to the digital image and you can go ahead and do what you like with them - they’re yours!


This is not absolutely necessary but if you’re feeling nervous about being in front of the camera or want to know what it would be like working with me on the day - it’s a great chance for us to hang out and give you a sense of what to expect. I’m also a big fan of creating more relaxed images of you as a couple at this special time in your life - without the fancy outfits and pressure on the wedding day!

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This is my favourite part of what you get in your package when you work with me! You want to meet up for coffee before booking me? You want to pick my brain while you plan your wedding? You want to go over the schedule a few days before? You want someone on the day who’s keeping you on time and making sure that you’re having the best day yet? I’m your girl. I love serving my clients and helping them throughout the entire process, making sure they’re comfortable every step of the way and I’m honoured to have so many clients become friends after their weddings!

EXTRAS - Albums, additional hours, prints…

This is where you can really pick and choose what you need and want to spend any extra budget on. I’m a big fan of printing your images and gifting those prints to all the special people who were there. Even better - create an album that tells the story of your day that you can look at every anniversary. But you know what? You don’t need these straight away or even at all. You can always come back to it a year later or chat to me a few months after the wedding when your bank balance isn’t feeling so tender.

Still a bit confused about what’s right for you? Get in touch and we can chat more about your wedding and figure out what would work best for you!