How to Include your Mum in your Wedding

How to include the Mother of the bride in your wedding day


Confused about the roles and responsibilities of the mother of the bride? Looking for unique ways to include your mum in your wedding day? Here are my suggestions!


1. Have your mum help you get ready


Have your mum in the room while you get ready, or have her help you get into your outfit. There’s something so sweet and special about a mum, who’s probably dressed you countless times in your life, helping you get into your wedding outfit.


2. Carve out some time to have a moment with just her


Just before you head to your ceremony, make sure to create some time in your timeline so that you can have a moment with your mum. This is a great opportunity to ground yourself, share some gratitude for her, or give her a gift.


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3. Have her walk you down the aisle


My mom walked me down the aisle at my wedding, and I just loved sharing all the nerves and joy of that moment with her. It was also such a lovely way to acknowledge her presence in my life in front of all our guests.


4. Have her make a toast or a speech


Why should dads have all the fun? Let your mum make a toast to you and your partner, or better yet – let her make the ‘dad of the bride’ speech instead.


5. Have a special song or a special dance with just her


Get her on that dance floor and dance away to a song that you both love, or that she loves! This is such a great memory to create and such a nice way to check in with her at the very end of your day.


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