Hiring a photographer for your wedding is such a big leap in trust, so I wanted to share what other people have to say about working with me.

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Micaela was 100% the right photographer for us.

For a couple who love weddings and a party but were terrified about being in the spotlight for our own wedding Micaela was 100% the right photographer for us.  

She has an amazing talent at helping you to feel relaxed and comfortable being photographed and she literally went above and beyond to make us enjoy our wedding day

From helping me get ready to finding all those little intimate moments between guests to capture so many special memories of our day – Micaela you are seriously awesome.


The time we spent taking our couples photos with Micaela are some of my favourite memories of the whole day.

On the day itself, Micaela went above and beyond, doing so many things outside the job description of ‘photographer’ (eg, constantly helping with my veil, having extra pins on hand, efficiently directing and managing guests, even helping us hail a cab!).

She was great at corralling our unwieldy family and at the same time, she completely blended in to the background for amazing candids! Perhaps most importantly, she made it her priority to give us time to enjoy ourselves.


She really helped me to keep calm and relaxed – she could see when I was getting a bit wobbly before I would notice and she would help to distract me and keep me in the moment!


It was a comfort to have Micaela with us.

We were not able to organise our wedding as thoroughly as we would have liked as my mum was diagnosed with a terminal illness not long before the wedding.

It was a comfort to have Micaela with us and we will be forever be grateful for her ability to capture sensitive pictures of my mum who was in the final weeks of her life and had difficulty smiling.

Without Micaela’s skilful work, such memories of my mum at our wedding would have been lost. Words can’t describe how grateful we are to Micaela.


She provided lots of little tips and encouraged us to take some time alone by ourselves amongst all the mayhem which we are really grateful for.


 She was the best decision we made!

We got in touch with her VERY last minute (we’re talking 4 days before the ceremony) as we were umming and ahhing about getting a professional photographer. Turned out it was the best decision we made!

I immediately loved talking to her; she’s just so friendly, really knowledgeable and such a calm person. She helped turn a could-have-been stressful day into one were we could relax and enjoy, and even my husband was at ease having his photos taken by Micaela, which was a miracle in itself!


We were both nervous about being photographed but she immediately put us at ease – truly delightful to work with through every stage of our wedding!


She was on the more expensive side of some of the photographers I looked at and she was worth EVERY penny.


By the wedding, Micaela felt like a friend.

Even from the initial e-mail, we could tell her approach to customer service was different – she truly cared about our story and our wedding. We asked her to photograph out wedding 2.5 years in advance and by the wedding, Micaela felt like a friend.

She also knew exactly what to do as the weather changed from overcast to sunny within minutes, and the photos look incredible no matter the time of day.


She was so much more than a photographer – she was a planner, advisor, confidant and more.


She was an absolute joy to work with and absolutely nailed it!

Micaela did our wedding photography and absolutely nailed it! I love love love the way she captures colour, making it vibrant and beautiful without overpowering. On our wedding day, we got so many compliments from family and guests about Micaela’s easy presence, efficiency with group photos and sense of humour.


One of the best decisions we made during the whole wedding process!


She really went above & beyond for us.

Cale and I were planning our London elopement from the United States. We were nervous about coordinating it all from so far away and finding a great photographer was what was on our top priority list. We are so beyond thankful we found Micaela. She was professional, organised, and really went above and beyond for us even helped us figure out the location for the elopement.


Bride and groom couple sitting and laughing in gardens

She somehow made what I thought would be a bit of an awkward and annoying part of my wedding day an absolute hoot!


She will be just as excited about your day as you are, she will make sure you feel like it’s just as important to her as it is to you to make the best day go the best it can.


Our guests loved her as much as we did.

Micaela is truly one of a kind. Through the very turbulent pandemic Micaela was a gem with our ever changing wedding plans. She went above and beyond on our wedding day, our pictures are Ah-mazing and our guests loved her as much as we did.


We have SO MANY brilliant photos: framed gorgeously, with awesome light, full of joy.

Micaela was an incredibly committed, hard-working, and talented person to work with. She gave her absolute all on the day, photographing not just the key moments well but just a plethora of special moments between us and our guests: a hand held here, a quiet embrace here: moments I’d forgotten and remembered with such joy when I saw the photos. I’m also not a particularly photographic person but she managed to capture so many, so beautifully, and I think it’s because she’s talented, and just never stops shooting. The result is that we have SO MANY brilliant photos: framed gorgeously, with awesome light, full of joy. 



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