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This is a guest post from Gemma & Kelly from Songbird Sessions. Songbird Sessions provide an incredible Live Acoustic Music experience for your wedding guests. Listen to their music here, and get in touch with them here.

Hearing the sweet sounds of live music drift through a venue as your guests arrive at your wedding, is the gift that keeps on giving.   Including music in your wedding plans is as important as including the best person’s speech, but have you put much thought into where your music might best be appreciated?  It’s pretty much a standard to dance off that 3 course meal and to soak up the champagne to the sounds of a DJ or a live band at your evening reception, but perhaps you could consider adding music to the earlier portion of your day too?


Incorporate Live Music into your Ceremony


Not only does music create ambience and set a tone, but it can also evoke memories for your guests, maybe of their own wedding day or other special moments in their lives.  One of our fondest wedding memories was singing (and dancing) a bride and groom out of their ceremony to the epic song Jump in Line (Shake Senora) by Harry Belafonte, made famous by the 80’s classic Beetlejuice. You can imagine the smiles, the laughter and the memories that are still shared because of this one extra special touch.


Acoustic Wedding Entertainment at your Reception


After your ceremony, it’s time to take some photos and just as you want your guests to be fed and watered at this point, entertaining them with music is another way to continue setting your wedding tone and keep your guests happy.  Acoustic music is the perfect accompaniment for a drink’s reception or even between the courses of your wedding breakfast.  If you and your partner have varying music tastes, including a more specific genre of music earlier on in the day is a sure way to satisfy you both, before making way for the evenings dance floor fillers.


Surprise your guests or your partner with music!


Another memory that sticks out for us is having our client’s bridesmaid and best friend prepare a song that she sung as a surprise to the bride, groom and wedding guests. Our bride was totally shocked and the smile on her face was priceless as she watched her best friend sing their favourite song, with us (the professional singers) doing backing vocals.

Music really is the glue that connects the many elements of your wedding together and what a wonderful gift it is to be able to give to your guests, as well as providing you and your loved one with memories that will last a lifetime.

Happy continued planning!

Gemma and Kelly


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