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The wedding venues in Portugal are stunning! Each time I go back there to photograph a wedding, I am blown away by the venues I shoot at. My mother lives in Portugal so I pop over a few times a year to visit her and try to sync my trips with a couple of wedding shoots. If you’re choosing to have your wedding in Portugal, just know that you won’t be disappointed.

When looking for a wedding venue in Portugal, you’ll find that Lisbon, Sintra, and Algarve offer some of the most incredible venues. 

how much does a wedding in portugal cost?


If you’re wondering about the cost of getting married in Portugal, I’ll go over that in this blog as well.

A Portugal wedding budget usually varies from €4,000 – €15,000 with 50 people costing around €8,000. 

I’ll also touch on wedding packages in Portugal which you’ll find start from around €3,500 for 15 guests. 

And, if you’re interested in having a wedding planner in Portugal on board, you’re looking at anything between €500 and €3,000. Let’s get to it and take a look at some of my all-time favourite wedding venues in Portugal!

If you are wondering what the process to get married in Portugal entails, I have put together a comprehensive guide for you to help!

Types of Wedding Venues in Portugal

The great things about choosing to get married in Portugal is having such a variety of wedding venues to choose from. Whether you are looking for a large wedding villa for your romantic civil ceremony or the perfect shoreside for a beach wedding ceremony, Portugal has it all. Here is a selection of the types of wedding venues to consider when planning a Portugal wedding.

  • Local Heritage Venues: these are perfect for an authentic historical backdrop of palaces and castles

  • Outdoor Weddings in Portugal: the good all-year-round weather is perfect for an outdoor wedding in a Quinta or Pousada. The abundance of great beaches makes Portugal perfect for seashore weddings.

  • Rustic Style: for a chic-rural look, the countryside is stunning. You can choose from an amazing array of vintage villas and vineyards.

  • Pousadas: these are historic hotels located throughout Portugal. They are often buildings that have been transformed into wedding venues from what was once an old castle, fort, palace, or convent.

  • Quintas: these are basically rustic farms. You’ll come across many country villas & estates.

  • Villas: a good option is to rent a private villa for a couple of days where you can organise your own wedding.

  • Restaurants: many of the Portuguese restaurants are large enough to host weddings. With the bonus of experienced caterers at your venue.

  • Beaches and Clifftops: there are also some exceptional restaurants with loads of character and Portuguese charm located either on the beach or on the clifftop. You guaranteed breathtaking sea views and Algarve is especially known for its spectacular cliffs.

wedding venues in portugal

wedding venues in lisbon

Lisbon is Portugal’s capital where you will find some seriously stunning wedding venues. One of my favourite parts of Lisbon wedding venues would have to be the traces of historical details found everywhere. You’re almost guaranteed to come across gorgeous Portuguese mosaic tiles wherever you go.

Wedding Venues in Cascais & Estoril

Cascais and Estoril are two very popular beach resorts. They are right next to each other and are both really well known for their exceptional hotels and panoramic views of the Atlantic ocean. These views are to die for and so is the relaxed and romantic atmosphere in these areas.

Wedding Venues in Sintra

Sintra is bursting with Portugal’s colourful culture! This area has some of the most amazing palaces, castles, Quintas I’ve ever seen! I love how Sintra seems to marry Portugal’s history with a fun, vibrant, and modern atmosphere.

Wedding Venues in Algarve

Once you’ve been to the Algarve, you will never want to leave. This place is heaven on earth and it has tons of wedding venues to choose from! If you’re thinking of having your ceremony on the edge of gorgeous golden cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean then this is where you want to say your ‘I dos’.

wedding packages in portugal

The total price of the ceremony will depend on which services you hire and what time of the year you want to get married.

It also depends on aspects such as whether you’ll hire a wedding planner or not. A wedding planner’s cost usually varies between €500 and €3,000. Every wedding is different so your budget spend will obviously come down to your final choices. Your wedding budget will be based on where you’re getting married and what your priorities are for your wedding. There are package planners who offer to create an entire wedding for 50 people for €8000 with set conditions and set suppliers.

This is perfect if you are looking to have everything done for you on your wedding day. However, if you want to personalise your wedding then the costs will depend on the type of wedding you would like to create.

To get a general idea- here is a sample of average wedding costs for destination weddings in Portugal.

  • Photography – €3000 – 4000 (if you’re interested, you can find out my wedding packages here
  • Videography – €1500 – 2500
  • Classic Portuguese “Quinta” Venue, Food and Drink package (inc open bar and evening food) – €100 – 120 per person
  • Historical Venue, Food and Drink package (inc open bar and evening food) – €160 – 200 per person
  • Flowers – €2000
  • Venue dressing – €1500-4000 (hugely variable)
  • Live music – €400 for one musician, €600-800 for duo or trio, €700-4000 for full band depending on the configuration and length of sets
  • DJ – €1000-2500 (inc lighting and sound tech)
  • Celebrant – €500-800
  • Cake – €300-500 (can come free with the venue for a simple cake)
  • Stationery – €200-500 for design costs, printing at an extra cost
  • Hair and Makeup – €300-500 for bride, €100 per extra guests e.g bridesmaid, Mum etc
  • Photobooth – €400- 600
  • Transport – €1000-2000
  • Wedding car – €500+
  • Average overall budgets in Portugal
  • 30-40 guests:  €15,000
  • 40-50 guests: €18,000
  • 50-60 guests: €20,000
  • 60-70 guests: €25,000
  • 70-80 guests: €27,000
  • 80-90 guests: €28,000
  • 90-100 guests: €30,000
  • 100-120 guests: €35,000
  • 120-150 guests: €40,000
  • 150-180 guests: €45,000
  • 200-250 guests: €50,000+

Wedding Package Prices in Portugal

The cost of the wedding packages on offer in Portugal varies according to venues and services. Some packages are fully inclusive, offering everything from the wedding planner to the flowers and accommodation. Whereas others will manage certain aspects of the wedding. Here are some general cost estimates of wedding packages prices in Portugal to give you an idea:

  • From €3.500  for 15 guests
  • From €6.000 for 30 guests
  • From €8.000 for 35 guests
  • From €13.000 for 50 guests
  • From €15.000 for 75 guests
  • From €18.000 for 100 guests

Wedding Planners in Portugal

Hiring a wedding planner in Portugal is not a bad idea! There are tons of great wedding planners available that will be more than happy to help you plan your dream wedding. You might want to even just hire a wedding planner to assist with booking the ceremony location.

Wedding planning services also vary from civil ceremony planning. This may include advisory service for documents needed, applying for marriage and booking of a registrar. It really helps to have someone assisting who knows how to speak Portuguese.

Then again, I know how to speak Portuguese and I’m pretty familiar with the area if you ever have any questions!


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