5 real couples and their unconventional wedding ideas

Looking for non-traditional and unconventional wedding ideas for your wedding?


I absolutely love couples who do things their way. You don’t have to create an entirely unusual wedding or go completely non-traditional, but you also don’t have to do EVERYTHING the same way as everyone else. So here are the stories of 5 real couples I’ve photographed, and what they did to make their wedding day uniquely theirs.


1. Open your wedding reception with a dance


Instead of waiting for after the speeches to open the dance floor, Shingi, Mylo and their bridal party danced into the reception! Their guests went wild! They all did a choreographed dance on the dance floor and then invited their guest to dance.  The DJ played about 3-4 killer songs before it all wound down for dinner and speeches. It just goes to show, you can get the party started early!



2. Take some private time immediately after the ceremony

Tam and Grant had an early wedding that actually ended with their couple’s session. So, straight after the ceremony, they actually had the canapés brought to them! They really wanted to have 20 minutes on their own to just catch up and reconnect after their emotional ceremony.


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3. Do a first look & have a cup of coffee together


Zweli and Steve wanted to do a first look and travel to their ceremony together. So after they saw each other for the first time, they ordered a coffee and spent some time together before riding on Steve’s scooter to head to the ceremony! Instead of having a separate ceremony, they combined their ceremony into their reception!

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4. Have a lunchtime wedding and take a nap!


LaTriece and Cristina had a lunchtime wedding followed by an afternoon dance floor session and family and couples photos. While all of this is unusual in itself, my favourite part is that they went home for an afternoon nap! And then met all of their friends in the city for drinks that night. Just the best!


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5. Have a breakfast wedding


Yes, a breakfast wedding! Their ceremony was at 9am – I know – super early! Granted that might not be for everyone, and it meant that I left home at about 4am. But, hear me out – their canapés were waffles! Come on, that’s cool! We photographed them afterwards in early morning light,  and their reception was a full English breakfast!


All of this is to say, that it’s your day. You can do whatever you want to do and hopefully these unconventional wedding ideas help. And that goes for your schedule! If you need some advice on how to plan a wedding timeline – I’ve written a blog post here!
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