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“There are so many images that I just adore. I think I’m just a sucker for captured emotions. So the photos that weren't posed for, the ones that were just caught in the act of a moment being shared, those are the ones I just love.”

Taniqua & Jonti


Mylo & Shingi Wedding Web-143.jpg
Adrienne & Chris Web-216.jpg
Lisa & Christy Wedding Web-156.jpg
Cam & Caleb Web-169.jpg
Candice & Jonty Wedding Web-37.jpg
Susan & Crawford Wedding Web-213.jpg
Mignon & Josh Wedding Web-216.jpg
Jessica & Andy Wedding Web-91.jpg
Jessica & Andy Wedding Web-153.jpg
Mignon & Josh Wedding Web-59.jpg
Andrea & Jacques Wedding Web-155.jpg
Brad & Sam Wedding Web-199.jpg
Taniqua & Jonti Wedding Web-174.jpg
Lisa & Christy Wedding Web-104.jpg

Juli & Mike Wedding Web-229.jpg
Lisa & Christy Wedding Web-228.jpg
LaTriece & Christina Wedding Web-160.jpg
Candice & Jonty Wedding Web-285.jpg
Jessica & Andy Wedding Web-274.jpg
LaTriece & Christina Wedding Web-255.jpg
Jessica & Andy Wedding Web-192.jpg
Juli & Mike Wedding Web-287.jpg
Sarah & Manfred Wedding Web-386.jpg
Caroline & Morne Wedding Web-419.jpg
Qhawe & Vuyo Wedding Web-396.jpg

Susan & Crawford Wedding Web-531.jpg
Kate & Ben Wedding Web-256.jpg
Tam & Grant Wedding-716.jpg
Cam & Caleb Web-213.jpg

Kyla & Perry Wedding Web-422.jpg
Natasha & Jeremy Wedding Web-432.jpg
Juli & Mike Wedding Web-656.jpg
Andrea & Jacques Wedding Web-524.jpg
Kath & Jason Wedding Web-400.jpg
Cam & Caleb Web-483.jpg
Qhawe & Vuyo Wedding Web-575.jpg
Susan & Crawford Wedding Web-507.jpg
Tam & Grant Wedding Web-755.jpg
LaTriece & Christina Wedding Web-428.jpg
Niki & Jesse Wedding Web-483.jpg
Jena & Taraz - Zebras-1.jpg

Carla & Steve Wedding-639.jpg
Juli & Mike Wedding Web-836.jpg
Caroline & Morne Wedding Web-823.jpg
Helen & James Wedding Web-793.jpg
Carolyn & Dani Wedding Web-710.jpg
Julia & Peter Wedding Web-892.jpg
Andrea & Jacques Wedding Web-830.jpg
Caroline & Morne Wedding Web-904.jpg
Jessica & Andy Wedding Web-886.jpg
Breanna & Thibault - Wedding Web-780.jpg
Lisa & Christy Wedding Web-879.jpg
Candice & Jonty Wedding Web-943.jpg
Steve & Zweli Web-245.jpg
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