about me

I’m engaged to the worlds’ kindest man and we live in our fabric filled flat in London. I dedicate my weekends to creating memories for the loveliest couples and families.

When I’m not working you’ll find me behind a sewing machine, watching Gilmore Girls or falling asleep while listening to the Harry Potter audio books.

A bit of background

I was raised by a single mom in Durban, South Africa and spent my 20s being an exchange student twice living in Switzerland & Georgia, U.S.A for a year at a time. I studied politics, linguistics & English and completed my masters in Development Studies in Durban, while saving up & travelling the world.

I’ve also clearly always been a bit of entrepreneur (this cheeky picture proves it) and I’ve always been a bit of a photographer (I was always the kid that took disposable cameras on school trips).


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My love for photography began with documentary street portraits and I even started Humans of Durban (based on Humans of New York). Pretty quickly I fell in love with photographing anything to do with humans and emotions.

I started being asked to shoot friends’ weddings (still my favourite weddings to shoot) and within 3 years my bookings increased to over 30 a year, including several international weddings (Zimbabwe, Australia, US, Costa Rica and Angola). I even had a few features in national press and the Huffington Post!

I took a small break from shooting after emigrating to London with Dylan, but couldn’t stay away for long. And I’m so excited to work with new couples, new families and tell new stories!




I’m engaged to Dylan, a fellow Hufflepuff, who has endless patience when it comes to my camera in his face. We’ve known each other for 10 years, and dated twice! The second time, 6 years ago, stuck for good :). Our idea of a perfect weekend is binge watching a true crime documentary series, a board game or two and homemade pizzas.

I’m also passionate about creative entrepreneurship, personal development, living with intention, crafting and whatever my next business idea is. You can find more of that over on my other website.

Moments after our engagement in Scotland…yes, I set up a self-timer…

Moments after our engagement in Scotland…yes, I set up a self-timer…


I’m always up for meeting new people - so get in touch here, and let’s go grab a coffee or a drink!