A Gold-sequinned New Years Eve Cape Vineyard Wedding

Planning a New Years Eve Wedding?


These are a relatively new trend I’ve seen pop up over the years, and to be honest, I’m really into it. I think it’s SUCH a fun way to have a wedding! Everyone’s already up for a party that evening, you get to have a LONGER wedding, and more than that – you really get to do something truly memorable with your wedding.

If you’re thinking about planning a December 31st wedding, then you should definitely keep reading for my advice and to see Niki & Jesse’s incredible NYE Wedding I shot a few years ago…


New Years Eve Wedding Ideas


This is the best thing about having your wedding on December 31st – you definitely don’t have to be traditional! From the minute your guests get their invites, they’re really not expecting anything traditional. Because otherwise you’d be the kind of couple who plans a wedding on a regular Saturday…

  • Get your friends to each take over a DJ set, or have multiple forms of entertainment. Start with a swing band, and then transition into a DJ later in the evening. Remember, it’s a long day, and it’s New Years eve – so people really expect a wildly memorable party.
  • Spread out the food. Your guests will be spending a lot of time at your wedding – so add in a late night snack or a breakfast food!
  • Keep the activities flowing – you don’t want people to get bored!
  • Get a baby sitter for all of your guests who will be attending with kids!


Choosing your Decor


Your guests are going to be at your reception for most of the evening – so definitely don’t skimp on the wedding venue decor. Your whole theme should revolve around celebration. As much as people are there for you and your wedding, they’ll also probably want to cheer in the new year too.

Adding fun elements like disco balls, a pinata and a photo booth mean that your wedding decor will double up as activities for your guests to do throughout the night.

Consider adding in the celebration theme with your favours too – maybe bottles of wine, calendars or confetti canons could be fun


What to Wear to a New Year’s Eve Wedding


If you’re the bride or groom, you really have the chance to go BOLD with your outfit. Or hell, even wear TWO outfits throughout the day! Niki went with a bold gold glitter dress, and specifically encouraged her guests to steer clear of wearing too much sparkle.

She finished off her outfit with some super comfy platform shoes. Choosing extra comfy shoes is key, because it’s going to be a really long day.


New Years Eve Wedding Venues


When you’re choosing a wedding venue for your new year’s eve wedding, it’ll be worth finding an unusual venue, since most of them will already be booked out months in advance for New Years Eve parties.

Some things to keep in mind; 

  • choose a place with easy access to transport or nearby accommodation
  • choose a venue with a generous drinks policy – your guests will start drinking early and go late into the evening
  • find a venue with lots of different rooms. This will help keep things fresh and exciting for your guests and it won’t feel like they’re in the same room all day.
  • If you’re in a place where there might be fireworks, find a venue that will give your guests the chance to watch them at midnight
  • pick somewhere that will allow you to party laaaaaaate into the night

Looking for some wedding venues in London? Have a look at our favourite wedding venues here!


New Years Eve Wedding Timeline


Planning a timeline for a New Years’ Wedding is crucial. Here’s my advice;

  • Have a late afternoon, dusk or evening ceremony. This will make sure the day starts and ends late
  • Have multiple meals throughout the day; your guests will be hungry and will be drinking a lot
  • Plan plenty of activities to keep all your guests engaged up until and well after midnight
  • Make the countdown to new years a fun and exciting part of the wedding.
  • Give your guests who stay over some breakfast in the morning. It’s a great way to extend the celebrating, and to start the new year together.

Trying to figure out your wedding timeline? Read my blog post about how to plan your wedding timeline!

At Niki & Jesse’s wedding, they threw most traditions out the window starting with footwear, dresses & favours.  If you’re into New Year’s Eve weddings, gold sequinned dresses, piñatas, gold platform shows, beautiful vineyards and general fabulousness – you should just keep on scrolling…


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