A Fun London City Engagement Session

A London City Engagement Session

This blog post could be titled, ‘engagement sessions are really awkward’, because guys, I’m here to tell you that they are. I tell all of my documentary wedding photography couples that their engagement session is always going to feel 10 times more awkward than their creative couples session on their wedding day. 

It gets less awkward, promise.

About half way during their London Southbank engagement session, which was taking place at 8.30am – I promised Rachael & James that their wedding photography session would be so much simpler and a lot less awkward. Your wedding photography is wrapped up into a highly emotional and romantic day. You’ve spent time getting ready and you’ve just married the love of your life. It’s the best day ever. So when it comes to your couple’s session on your wedding day – you’re relaxed, in love and oblivious to anything awkward. 

It was at this point that Rachael and James looked at each other, and said “Nothing romantic has happened today. It’s only 8.30am”. Exactly! 

Find a photographer that makes you feel relaxed.

So don’t worry guys, even if you felt awkward the last time you ever took pictures, or if you felt spare around a camera and didn’t know what to do – you can see that with the right photographer, the awkwardness either goes away or doesn’t make it onto the photos. And remember, your wedding day will never feel as awkward! 

If you’re looking for a natural and documentary London wedding photographer who can rock a relaxed engagement session that doesn’t leave you feeling awks – get in touch! 


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