Moms being moms at weddings!

For the first 24 years of my life it was just me and my mom. She’s a single parent and I’m an only child, so when I say it was just the two of us - I really mean that. There were lots of late nights watching the Gilmore Girls (obviously), long talks in her bed on a Sunday morning, way too many fights to remember and her comforting me over crushes and boys that didn’t quite work out. 

After so many years of our immediate family being just us, she was always worried about how our relationship would change when another human was added to the mix. But when Dylan and I got engaged, my mom said the most wonderful thing. She said that with Dylan it just seemed so effortless to have him around and that she was so happy that our little family had grown, (even if he doesn’t like the Gilmore Girls as much as we do).

I get married in a few months’ time and all of this made me think about all the weddings I’ve photographed and all those moms I’ve captured on their children’s wedding days.

The ones that helped their daughters get into their dresses, walked them down the aisle, beamed with joy while they said their vows and broke it down on the dance floor!

So today, on mother’s day let’s celebrate moms being moms at weddings!

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