Lisa & Christy / Wedding - Abbey House Gardens & Town Hall - Malmesbury, Wiltshire.

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Lisa and Christy, friends of ours, got engaged on a relaxed Saturday when Christy passed some hot sauce over to Lisa with a ring around the lid. They knew they didn’t want a long engagement, but wanted a big, easy, fun wedding with their family and friends. And above all Christy insisted that the main meal be homemade lasagna!

Their whole wedding took place across a couple blocks of Malmesbury, Wiltshire where Lisa grew up and came together with everyone playing a part. Lisa’s mum picked the dried country flowers they used for their table decorations, a friend flew in to officiate, and countless freezers were home to trays of frozen lasagna. 

Christy and Lisa snuck a kiss while she put the finishing touches to the playlists, just before she got into her Oxfam second hand dress and did her own make up. Keeping things simple meant that her time getting ready was calm, quiet and exactly as she wanted it to be. 

For the ceremony at the Abbey House Gardens, Lisa got all the kids to walk down the aisle first, followed by her and her brother. Getting legally married the day before, they were able to have a friend officiate, say their own vows and have their own readings done. It also meant they got to squeeze in a joke about their height difference just before their first kiss!

As they walked out of the ceremony, they snuck another kiss and instead of doing a receiving line (when everyone hugs, kisses and congratulates you), they decided to get behind the bar and serve everyone champagne! This subtle act of service was such a lovely way for them to get to greet everyone attending. 

On their way to the reception, lighted by sparklers and followed by guests, they crossed the one block to Malmesbury Town Hall to have their reception. Greeting all their guests again, they told people to sit wherever took their fancy - no seating charts and no head table. The hall had been decorated by all their friends and family the night before with Lisa’s DIY fabric bunting and a ‘Till Death Do Us Party’ banner draped across the arches.  

After everyone had their fair share of lasagne (with hot sauce available, of course), dancing began with a limbo pole - hands down one of the best additions to a dance floor I’ve seen! After sneaking outside for a breather and a night time shot - we left them dancing & away while we walked the few metres to our accommodation grateful to have spent the day capturing and celebrating our friends. 

Micaela is not only an incredible artist who will take pictures you want to look at every day of your life (trust me, I do, often more than once a day!) she somehow made what I thought would be a bit of an awkward and annoying part of my wedding day an absolute hoot. Her super helpful advice before and her direction on the big day ensured that the crucial moments and more formal snaps with our most special people were captured miraculously easily (our families are enormous) and the snaps are stunning.

She has an amazing ability to capture the most magical moments between you and your loved ones, without you realising she’s even present. I can’t recommend Micaela enough! Beautiful photos and an easy and relaxed experience even for us who are usually awkward in front of the lens!
— Lisa & Christy