Frequently asked questions


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Planning a wedding can be pretty overwhelming and choosing your photographer is a really important part of that. I’d really like to make planning a little bit easier, so I’ve compiled a little info section to help answer some of the questions you might have.


+ Can we meet you before we book you?

Yes, please! I’m based in London and would love to meet you and your partner for coffee or drinks. If that doesn’t work we can meet on Skype or chat over the phone.

+ What do we do if we want to book you?

Fill out the contact form with some information about your wedding and location. We'll have a chat over the phone or in person. If we're good to go, I'll draw up a contract and invoice which will include all relevant travel fees as well as the amount needed to be paid for the booking fee. The booking fee is 50% of the total fee. Your date will only be confirmed once I have received the non-refundable booking fee. The remainder of the total fee is due one week before the wedding.

+ Do you travel internationally?

YES, YES and YES. I've shot weddings all over the world - South Africa, Australia, Zimbabwe, Angola, the U.S, the U.K and Costa Rica!

+ How do you work?

I like to get to know who you are as a couple as much as possible - whether it be before hand, or on the day (you’d be surprised at how much you learn by observing people on one of the most important days of their lives). I like to get to introduce myself and get to know your family throughout the day. I’m unobtrusive, but not afraid to keep you on schedule, move something distracting out of the way or tell you your hair is stuck to your lipstick…

+ Do you work with an assistant or a second shooter?

Nope! I work alone and pretty much always have. Through experience I’ve found myself to be more focussed and most creative when shooting solo. And I like to travel light :)

+ What will my photographs look like?

I hope that they will feel like you, and remind you of exactly how you felt on your wedding day. I work really hard to capture the sincerity and honesty of your day and the love that you share. While my editing style is consistent (similar to what you see on the website) every wedding and every couple is different and that will show.

+ Do you watermark your images and do I get printing rights?

Of course not, and of course! They're your images, and you can do what you want with them!!

+ How do travel and accommodation work?

I’m available for weddings locally and internationally, and if they are further than 1 hour away from London - we can discuss what might work best for everyone and what I would need to make sure I am ready and well rested to shoot your day!

+ What can we do to help plan the photography?

It’s really important that I know what’s happening on the day and when. Before your wedding we will have set up a timeline that should help you plan, and that should give enough time for photos. I’ll also ask for a list of family photos you want. The creative couple shoot is normally 45 minutes to an hour; this gives you some time to spend together newly married, to take in your wedding day and for me to get some photographs of that freshly wedded bliss! I’ve done a lot of weddings and have loads of tips and tricks to share, so all of my packages include a chat with you to help with things like scheduling, making the most of your venue and the light we’ll have!

+ What do you need on the day?

It’s often a really long day for me - so a place to sit and a meal at the reception will be great! I don’t necessarily have to sit with your guests, a simple chair and table will do, but ideally somewhere close to the action - so that I don’t miss any moments!

+ What happens after the wedding day?

In a few days after your wedding I’ll send you some photos; a sneak peek of you day! I may or may not publicly blog or share your wedding on my website. After choosing the best images, I personally and professionally edit all the photos, and hand them over to you in jpg format using an online gallery service. I provide your photos in both high resolution and low resolution, so that you can print and upload them. This can take anywhere from 4 - 8 weeks.

For any questions I haven’t covered, or if there’s anything you’re still unsure of - get in touch and let’s have a chat!



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